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Eating Healthy is Not a Diet, It’s a Lifestyle

Ever wonder how celebrities look great all the time? You know, besides all the makeup artists, fashion designers, surgeries, etc? I’m talking specifically about their weight. How do we mere mortals struggle just to look good with a summer body, but you know, all year round? In celebrity interviews, there is always some magical button in the form of the latest diet, from a juice cleanse (Beyonce anyone) to almost unpronounceable ones like Adel’s sirtfood(???) diet. And if it’s not an easy button, it’s some wildly expensive fad diet *cough* keto, carnivore, paelo, pick one!

But how practical and sustainable are these methods? Simple, they’re not. A lot of celebrity diets are quick and extreme methods for a temporary fix, usually related to an event or film part. They are also guided and monitored by a team of trainers and nutritionists. Once again, as mere mortals, is that realistic? Probably not. And these short, quick fixes usually come with several health issues (i.e. heart and kidney problems), not to mention their effects don’t last long term.

Does that mean the only alternative is a lifelong diet? It depends. Do you view eating healthy as a diet? If so, you shouldn’t. Eating healthy should be a way of life.

The body is an incredible self-regulated machine. When properly oiled, lubricated, and provided the right energy, it can do incredible feats. Who wouldn’t want to maintain a healthy weight with little effort? To be constantly clear minded and energized? Eating healthy as a lifestyle can do all those things.

Let’s not confuse eating healthy with starving and only eating rabbit food. Yes, it does mean limiting processed foods, abundances of sugars and bad fats. But it’s not to say you can never eat any of those either. Most people think the type of food they are eating is the biggest issue. What I found is closer to the problem may actually be surprising. Most people tend to under eat.

People binge on high calorie foods for one or two meals and then starve their bodies the rest of the time. The meals also tend to lack key nutrients that prevent the body from working at optimum capability. So the body goes in to a “survival” mode, keeping as much of it as it can. With a sedentary lifestyle, most people’s bodies aren’t motivated to give up any of its fats stores.

So what if you could eat more, feel better, and lose weight? It takes some work, and a bit of a learning curve, but it is doable while maintaining the ability to enjoy food.

In the next few blogs, I’ll work on a step by step of how to achieve that; the first one will be calculating your Base Metabolic Rate (BMR).

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